The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Sun Yat-sen University Centre for Historical Anthropology
Plaque-unveiling and Mou Signing Ceremony
The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Sun Yat-sen University Centre for Historical Anthropology was founded with its plaque unveiled on 8th November 2010. As an innovative platform for collaboration, this centre is the first national-level joint centre in the humanities and social sciences aiming to set an example for exploring the possibility of new institutional mechanism for facilitating profound academic cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong, and between China and the rest of the world.
Historical anthropology as an academic discipline has been developing since the Second World War, but its role in China studies remains underdeveloped. The mission of the Centre is to promote historical anthropology as a field of study in search of a new interpretation of Chinese history. Over the past 20 years, scholars from the Centre for Historical Anthropology of SYSU and History Department of CUHK have been collaborating closely in promoting the development of historical anthropology in traditional Chinese society. In 2001 the Centre for Historical Anthropology was founded at SYSU and has become one of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Key Research Institutes of Humanities & Social Sciences since 2004. In recent years, scholars from SYSU and CUHK have been working with collaborators from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, and a few overseas universities on a number of projects funded by the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong. Partnership among the collaborators has further been enhanced with the launching of the Historical Anthropology of Chinese Society Project, an Area of Excellence (AoE) project approved by the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong since 2009.
Riding on the strengths of these projects, the Centre is steadily building up institutional framework for its operation. Seminars, workshops, and international symposiums are held on regular basis. Research teams are set up to work on-site in different regions of China. Schemes of co-supervision of graduate students in addition to graduate seminars are implemented to foster creativity in postgraduate researches. Through a multiple programme of research and training, it is hoped that the Centre will be able to build a sustainability team to develop the theory and methodology of historical anthropology in China, and to offer a Chinese perspective to the understanding of human society and history in the long run.
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